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Why it’s time to start looking to yourself as the authority over your body’s needs and listening to your body’s wisdom to pave your own path and ditch the diet industry. Get more of The Movement Lifestyle Podcast by subscribing, following and listening on Spotify, Apple or your favorite podcast platform.

Your Gurus Worry About Food Too

Apr 19

It’s time to get real about why the conventional fitness industry is outdated and doing you no favors. It was built on making you feel like shit about yourself. And despite the amazing instructors who genuinely care about you, the system is not geared to respect your nervous system or work with your hormonal and […]

Why Fitness Fails

Your energy levels aren’t the same everyday – so why do you expect your output, productivity and performance to be that way? You think that extra cup of coffee or pushing through will help you just get on with things and then, you force yourself to get through the tough workout class, rising to the […]

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