What Is Cyclical Living?


If you’ve been around or stick around here, you’ll hear us talk a lot about this thing called cyclical living and it may be the first time you’re hearing it or you may just want more information that lies behind it.

At the heart of it, cyclical living simply recognizes that your energy levels are ever changing and that you, in essence, are a cyclical being rather than a machine that runs at the same levels consistently.

This feels inconvenient and contradictory to what’s expected of us in the real world. The 9-5, 5 days a week, the same schedule and routine, the over achieving and the emphasis put on productivity.

All of these factors ask us to ignore our body’s natural rhythms.

So what cycles? Well, there are many. On one hand, there is our hormonal cycle – the monthly cycle that happens regardless of a monthly bleed. Many women think that because they are post-menopause or don’t have a monthly bleed that they don’t have hormones anymore. Which is entirely untrue. Our body goes through a monthly cycle of hormones surges regardless and being aware of our individual relationship to this cycle, we can utilize it to feel better all month long. Most women ignore their body cues to just get on with things rather than harness their potential.

There’s also the cycle that is our relationship to our environment. So seasons, climate, lunar phases, seasons of life, etc. Just as with our hormones, these larger cycles affect us as well.

And on a very basic level, cyclical living aims to honor your energy levels at any given time. And this is the work of The Movement – learning to listen, acknowledge and respect them to feel better, navigate with more ease and help them fuel us rather than running around drained and exhausted.

Cyclical living is about being flexible, adaptable and sustainable.

If we respect our energy levels, our hormones, our body’s needs, our phase or stage or season of life – we can adjust and pivot and shift as needed without feeling guilty, lazy or worthless. We can do so and feel strong and empowered. We can stop apologizing for not being ‘on’ all the time. We can produce better, create more, enjoy more and all while actually ‘doing’ less.

Curious to learn more?

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