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Your energy levels aren’t the same everyday – so why do you expect your output, productivity and performance to be that way?

You think that extra cup of coffee or pushing through will help you just get on with things and then, you force yourself to get through the tough workout class, rising to the occasion and proving your ‘strength’ ’cause you should be able to physically do it.

You should be able to do all the things, right?!

But coffee and carrying on isn’t gonna satisfy your deeper body, emotional and mental needs. Though, my love of coffee runs deep, using it as a short term get you through fix is setting you up for whacked out hormones and burnout.

We say real ‘strength’ is having the courage to say no, do less, slow down and choose what’s sustainable over what’s conventionally celebrated.

That’s why The Movement has FOUR SIGNATURE STYLES of classes to match your movement to your energy level and reserve some of that energy for the good things in life – the pee your pants kind of laughter that comes from making time for those who matter.

1. Foundational

These classes are our introductory style. This is what you’ll often experience at our pop-ups and is the focus of the Foundational Facilitator Training. These classes help you to re-connect to yourself and your body’s wisdom as well as your inner dialogue.

These classes are designed to calm your nervous system and feed your soul. Women walk away from these a little euphoric, sometimes a little emotional and always pleasantly surprised.

The most common response to these classes are ‘I’m not sure what that was or what just happened but I loved it!’ or ‘I so needed that. I didn’t realize it, but I really needed it.’

They are a world away from your usual workout class and yet they still ring familiar if you’ve ever tried barre, dance or any kind of somatic/embodiment practice.

2. Intensives

These classes are meant to be experienced once you’ve got a better awareness of your body. These take it to the next level by further challenging your limits and teach you how to find your edge. These still harness a slower pace and use that to explore intensity in a new way. These help you embody that intensity doesn’t have to be hard and fast.

You’ll sweat in these classes and the ache and burn will be with you for sure but not to the point that you’re sore for days. They also allow for restless and excess energy to be moved through. They are perfect for that time of the month when you’re just feeling anxious and antsy.

3. Release

These classes are all about liberation. Using free movement and fascia focused non-linear movements, these classes aim to free the tension, unwind, shake shit out and give you a physical, mental and emotional release like none other.

So often when we have lots of energy, we feel the need to expend it and use it all. Release classes teach us the power of holding back on that urge to do more and do it faster.

These classes teach us the true power of presence, pleasure and permission in the body. They are gentle on the joints but still provide enough movement to make you catch your breath and to feel good afterwards.

4. Ignite

These are The Movement’s answer to a workout. Applying the principles of The Movement to more traditional movements like barre, boxing and cardio – these really help women harness how to take The Movement into their regular workout spaces individually. At the moment, these are reserved for our Lifestyle Members and are available on demand in that space.

Keen to get your experience of one of these classes? Check out our Events page, the Shop or the Membership to see what’s going on right now. Likewise, scroll below to find the option of a Free MiniMovement PDF Download.

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