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Held on my family’s property outside the city, where I got married and where I connect to the wide open spaces of West Texas, The Movement On the Plains was a personal and heartfelt immersion day.

There, with a west facing horizon, was a peaceful and quiet stillness with which to connect to the land as women. To ask ourselves, how do YOU connect to the land and landscape of the High Plains. For me, this was about her unpredictable and wild nature. Her untamed rhythm that could run the scope of four seasons in a day. The wind that blows, the wildflowers, the dramatic sunsets, the raging storms. It was in this place, I realized my deepest connection to home, is in fact, the land that made me more than anything else.

The experience began with a The Movement class on the deck, celebrating that connection with our surrounds. We all agreed the highlight was a powerful moment in our bridges at the end, where we looked up into the leaves of the 100 year old Elm trees above.

Following class were snacks and cool iced tea as well as a free flow watercolor and charcoal workshop. A workshop that centered on capturing our expression and connection with the landscape in an abstract way. Finished off by adding ourselves into the landscape in a way that expressed how we see ourselves there.

The lack of instruction or direction here proved to be powerful as I was in awe of the creations and interpretations. One of a silhouette of a woman with arms outstretched toward an endless and moody horizon, reminiscent of a west Texas winter and another representation of one’s self as birds in the sky amidst a harvest colored background.

The women had a chance to interact with the horse on property and spend time getting to know each other in the late afternoon sun. It was a testament to the community and intimacy that happens so quickly at these events.

And then, the dinner. The dinner that celebrated foods native to the region included wild dandelion greens, pumpkin seeds, wild rice, pecans from the tree on property, buffalo tacos, rose and sage spritzers that sparkled in the glow of sunset and s’mores with balsamic strawberries that oozed and caramelized over an open flame.

As an observer, it was touching to see the conversations that happened at the table, bridging generations, walks of life and women in very different places in their lives. There was a camaraderie and a vulnerability of sharing and trust.

As the sun set, we gathered for a photo and to watch her bid goodbye beneath the horizon, making way for a sky full of stars that would take your breath away.

As they went their separate ways and I stared up at La Luna and the milky way, I was moved to tears as often happens after these events. In awe of the sacred space, of the awakenings and of the joy these women are able to feel within and amongst one another.

In a world that begs for more, these events hold space for a moment to be with, satisfied, fulfilled and at ease with what is – with who they are in this moment and with all that is to come.

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